SUP Yoga

Activity Info

  • 10 - 15
  • 90mins or 3hrs


Trade in your yoga mat for a board on the water and discover the most beautiful way to do yoga!

Whether you are uncomfortable on the water, a beginner in yoga, or a sports apprentice, yoga will allow you to learn about SUP by progressing at your own pace and relaxing!

Both yoga and stand up paddle boarding are great for building better balance, coordination, endurance, body strength and is great for increasing fitness and even to weight loss!

Your certified yoga teacher will guide you step by step to share all his knowledge and passion with you. He will put at your service his years of SUP YOGA practice in order to guide you and get you used to the paddle and find your perfect balance.

Once comfortable with paddle, the class will be more dynamic thanks to the learning of Yoga postures, all around the beautiful Maltese landscapes.

You will be able to enjoy your improvement in postures during the 90-minute course, and will even be amazed at the posture of śavāsana. SUP Yoga is part of an idyllic setting in nature, on the turquoise water of Malta's beaches, sunbathing… all the conditions are there to bring you joy and relaxation.

In addition to this you get to have fun, perhaps get a little bit wet and learn to have a laugh at yourself when you will be in slight difficulty!

Want to organize your own private yoga class with friends or family or for a special event?

I can help you organize a bespoke yoga experience on the beach, in a park or on the water.

Contact me to find out more about group sizes, offerings and prices (dependent on the location you choose and the size of the group).

Can’t wait to have you in my floating yoga studio!

The price is between €30 and €60 per person.