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We offer a range of Outdoor Adventures such as SUP, Abseiling, Zip Line, Diving, Snorkeling, Deep Water Soloing, Climbing and more.

These breathtaking activities are organized throughout the year so everyone will enjoy what the Maltese islands have to offer. Spectacular Scenery to be seen while doing the sightseeing tours around Malta and Gozo. Discover Caves and bays that are hard to reach by Standup Paddling.  Comino and the surrounded caves can be discovered while doing Day trekking.  Zipline, Climbing and abseiling events are for those who love the odd adrenaline rush and adventure.

They are suitable for all ages, complete beginners, and enthusiasts. Discover the underwater world by various diving trips on wrecks around the island. Malta has a lot to offer so enjoy and have fun with Climbing Malta.


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