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Zip-Line on land

Ready to throw yourself into the void?

With its many cliffs, Malta is the ideal
place to practice zip lines.

The feeling of the zip line is incredible.

A zip line session is a unique opportunity
to fly from one cliff to another with ropes and pulleys

while having a breathtaking view.

is an exciting and adrenaline activity that suits everyone no matter of age.

The duration of this activity varies
according to the number of people in the group.

What you need to know:

You can do the zip line several
times during the activity.

The price includes several trials
to allow you to take different photos and videos and to remember this memorable
experience for life.

The zip-line is 80 meters long
which makes it one of the longest on the island. It is set up in Mtahleb in the
limits of Rabat.


The second zip-line is in a farmhouse, 120m long in trees and fields. 


We provide all the equipment
and guarantee your safety.

You will have two lines for
safety back up.


The price may vary between 650
and 950 €, depending on the group size “MTAHLEB"

Second price: Farmhouse between 40 and 60 €  


Zip-Line & Free Fall in the water 

The difference between the regular zip-line
session and the zipline water is that we start from a cliff and we end up
jumping in the water at the end of the line. For this session it is recommended
to wear suitable clothing for swimming.

To be noted:

Come out and experience this thrilling

activity for yourself!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate
to contact me, by e-mail or by calling me.

The price may vary between 750 and 1050 €, depending
on the group size.